Protecting Yourself From Pet Dander Allergies

In the fall and winter months, millions of pet owners — and possibly pets — spend more time indoors. For those who suffer from allergies to certain pets, increased exposure to one or more of America’s 100 million dogs, cats, birds and other household pets can mean months of increased misery. These tips from the American Lung Association may offer some relief for those who suffer from allergies to pet dander.

  • To reduce your exposure to allergens, keep your pets out of the bedroom.
  • Regular grooming and weekly baths will help remove accumulated dander from your dog or cat.
  • Keep your pet off upholstered furniture or cover couches and loveseats with removable, washable slipcovers, and periodically wash walls and floors.
  • To help remove loose hair, ask a nonallergic family member to brush your pet outdoors regularly. This will also reduce the allergens the pet brings inside.
  • Vacuum frequently, preferably with a vacuum that has a high efficiency filtration system.
  • Be sure to wash your hands after handling your pet. Wear a facemask when changing your cat’s litter box.
  • Ventilate your home well to provide a fresh source of outdoor air and help dilute pet allergens.
  • Replace air filters in the central heating and air conditioning system every two or three months. Use high efficiency air filters — they also help protect your furnace.

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