I Sprained my Ankle 2 weeks ago During a Soccer Game

It sounds like your doing the right therapy. As for the swelling, I have seen grade II sprains that never quite looked the same as before the injury, but were still fully functional.

As a general rule, grade II injuries take about 6 weeks to heal. I would try to be patient, let the injury heal completely before returning to the field.

If you have further questions refer to my article “Treatment For The Common Sprain”.

Dear Dr. Lin, What can I do to improve my vertical jump? — Volleyball player

Dr. Lin: Dear Volleyball Player,
The best thing to do to increase your vertical jump is to practice what ever sport your playing. It is called “sport specific exercise.” In volleyball that would be, a three- or five-step approach into a Sergeant jump for hitting or straight vertical jump in blocking, over and over again, concentrating on technique while fatigued.

Improving technique can increase your vertical jump by inches with out increasing leg or upper body strength. If you already have perfect form, exercises such as plyometrics are great.

Increasing upper body strength can also be beneficial. Plyometrics should only be performed by advanced athletes because of the potential for injury. Plyometric jumping techniques will be addressed in a future article.

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