A Parent’s Bill of Rights, Part 1

As your children grow into the great, well-rounded, intelligent and self-sufficient human beings you hope and dream they will, there will be times when you may want to evaluate what your rights are as the parent.

Yes, you do have rights. However, sometimes those sweet little angels have a way of manipulating you in a very big way. Some parents have already discovered the magic their children possess, and how it seems to take them over when they least expect it!

Your rights as parents seem to magically disappear! Where did they go? How did this happen? For example, as parents we do have the right to determine who may enter our homes. We cannot actually control who our kid’s friends are, and there is no reason that we should ever have to face active gang members, practicing addict/alcoholics, thieves or rude individuals in our homes. The “at least they are where I can keep an eye on them” philosophy is a compromise that most parents will live to regret. It only provides your child with a constant source of denial about their possible drug dependency or other negative behaviors.

Watch what your kids, especially teenagers, bring into and out of the home. Whether it is clothing (you did not buy) or money (that they did not earn at home or that you did not give them). Watch the friends they bring home (you may not know them or their parents).

You may conclude there is something fishy going on. Most parents tend to have a great sixth sense. Do you know where they go, and whom they are with when they are out of your sight?

Do you know who their friend’s parents are and how they can be reached? These questions can be easily answered by doing the footwork to ensure your child is safe and on the right path. There is never any harm in comparing notes with other parents. It is easier to work as a team with other parents for support when your children are acting suspicious.

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