8 Homework Tips for All Ages

Actions speak louder than words. Make sure you model good study behaviors. Read, write and work on things that require effort in front of your child!

Establish a regular place for homework. Free from distractions, interruptions, and temptations.
Set a regular time every day for homework. (Time of night when child is most alert.)
Make sure your child has all the supplies needed for homework.
Make homework time a “quiet time” for all family members.

Identify your child’s learning style. (I.e. Some work better with music in the background, others in silence.)
Support your child’s work, but DON’T DO IT FOR THEM!

Focus on the positive when reviewing your child’s homework and help them recognize areas that need a “do-over”.!

Strengthened minds help our children flourish, gain confidence, and ultimately succeed in adult-life challenges and experiences. Help build a strong and commendable generation.

Please do not hesitate to use this medium as a way to build our “Parenting Instruction Guide”. We can learn to be the parents we want to be and thereby, positively influence our children for a lifetime!

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